So, he said, ‘Ken, have you ever done any acting before?’. So, I said ‘No’. So, he said ‘Right, I’ve got just the part for you’… and the rest, as they say, is…well… ‘we’ll see’. Born Kenneth Graham Stamp in Cornwall, England to Avon sales lady Hilda and Ship to Shore radio operator Ray. He attended school in North Wales and college in Leicester. After which, Stamp travelled the world for some 20 years – the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East – whilst working in a variety of professions, before returning to his home country. It was then that he was introduced ‘into this crazy actor’s life’.

Although he studied drama in college, Stamp spent half his life before he found what was perhaps his true calling. Becoming an actor relatively late, he soon began to receive, compliments, and genuine approval, from both Directors and co-actors alike. Being deemed as ‘dedicated’, ‘exceptional’¬†and at times ‘mesmerising’ by his contemporaries.

Ken has recently;

Been filming in Egypt alongside Amr Saad, for the upcoming (Summer 2024) blockbuster THE CROWS.
Received BEST ACTOR awards; at the Cannes World Film Festival 2023, for the Lead in the International- award-winning GOING HOME;
and again for the Lead in the powerful DRIVER.
Portrayed; the husband of ‘Grace’, played by Lindsay Duncan, in the family drama CALL ME BACK;
and played significant supporting roles in the award-winning features; DRAGONFLIES ONLY LIVE FOR 24 Hrs. and the upcoming IRISH ASHES (2024).

Now firmly established, Stamp can also bring his experience to contribute creatively to scripts, helping to bring intensity and depth to the characters he plays.

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